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Would You Tell Your Partner — March 22, 2018

Would You Tell Your Partner

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How Long Should A Relationship Be? — March 24, 2018

How Long Should A Relationship Be?

This topic leaves me confused a lot of times and has always led to a rowdy debate among my friends and colleagues whenever it is brought up. This is not a Lord of the Rings post o.


I remember once, when I asked my cousin how long his relationship had lasted for and he happily blurted out “7 years!” In shock, I probed further (Yes I’m Nigerian and I dish unsolicited advice! Move on) on when he’ll pop the big question but his response even let me more perplexed. He went on about how he wasn’t ready for marriage and all the wahala that comes with it. That alone propelled me to write on this frequently discussed topic.

I strongly believe that every relationship, be it friendship, dating or courtship should have levels it progresses to. Moving from one phase to the other either gradually or fast but putting in mind timelines. The changing of phases of each relationship is part of the growth process.

I’ll say I’m not a master of relationships but I sure know that relationships involve sharing (not just bodies!) but thoughts, joys, happiness, sadness, joys and pain. That sharing alone for 7years and over is enough to decide on the future of such relationships as opposed to stringing it along forever. Loving or sharing all those feelings for so long is deeper than we think.

I often wonder how easy it is for such people to move on with life seamlessly without regret.  Personally, I would say 1 year is enough for me to decide whether I can keep going on with a relationship and at the end of that year, I discuss the next phase, problems or habits that need to change and steps that lead us to that ultimate goal. I’m a planner! So I believe if you make plans and to do list for work, you can do so for every other part of your life and this I the long run leaves less allowance for “Had I known situations.”

Some people argue that it’s not a one shoe fits all situation, and everyone has their way of dealing with relationship palava. Though I beg to differ, or would you too agree to date someone that long and get dumped?

People I know that have been through such experiences find it difficult to go through the process of sharing themselves as easily or even continually compare the ex with their new partners.

Who am I to give such analysis? I’m only a young lady who believes that after the Prince met Cinderella, they fell in love, walked in the garden of the castle, got married and lived happily ever after.

What is your view on this feisty topic? Can you date someone for 7 years and above knowing fully well that it can end at any time or are you a YOLO kind of person that just goes with the flow?

L.A.’S SWEET KIWI REVIEW — March 23, 2018



“My doctor finally gave me a death sentence saying I can’t have ice cream. What?! How?! Is this the end?! Thankfully I found out about Sweet Kiwi and I lived again”

Hi guys, this is L.A. and welcome to my food review. Today I’ll be reviewing my “lifesaving” food experience at Sweet Kiwi, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

A bit about me. I like food. Now if you see my physique I bet you would strongly disagree (That’s right, my fat friends hate me…), but I like to call myself a quality (not quantity) foodie. I love having great experiences trying new cuisine in new places. My dream right now is to have a food pilgrimage around the world trying out various dishes in famous restaurants around the world (Hey don’t judge me, I told you I like food).

In Lagos, there are a lot of similar restaurants. I was honestly tired of all the chicken permutations and did not want ice cream. Bae told me about Sweet Kiwi and I thought “Frozen Yogurt? Sign me up!”. Sweet Kiwi is basically a serve yourself frozen yogurt restaurant. You serve the quantity you want, place all the toppings you want and the cost is based on the weight of the final cup.

There are a few things important to a great experience at any restaurant: Location & Ambience, Service Quality, Menu Quality & Variety, Dish Presentation, Price and Value for Money.

I will be scoring Sweet Kiwi using these and get a final score at the end.




Firstly, it’s located in Lekki Phase 1. So finding the place was easy. Parking was straightforward and the security personnel were polite.

Walking in, the place gives you a feel like you’re entering a space ship. I honestly felt I was stepping into a saint kissed temple (High Praise!). The place was quite clean with seating arrangements geared towards a comfort and relaxation.

Just to be different I chose to stay outside. SEE ERROR! The place was buzzing with flies that just killed it for me. I quickly moved back with bae to the “fly-free” space ship indoors to have my own meal.


As this was my first time, as you can imagine I spent a bit of time asking the waiting staff about every single thing. I’ll be honest, I’ve come to expect attitude from Naija waiters but these guys were witty, funny and explained everything to me well. Payment went well, no “Oga our POS is not working” trouble.



Like I said before, you serve what you want with all the toppings. There were quite a few flavors and toppings to choose from including low fat versions as well. As you can imagine, The Toppings was the killer for me. I would have liked a bit more variety and the yogurt dispenser could get messy.



I will be harsh here and give a 5. There were quite a few flavors and toppings to choose from (Too many choices!). I like the idea of serving yourself, but I would prefer it if they had a professional do it for you while you choose the flavors and toppings. Or even have recommended mixes or something.


For this section, I am giving them an 8. This is because of the flexibility of being able to choose what you want, how you want. If like me you want everything, go for it. You want minimal toppings because of your diet, you are free. The cost was minimal for the value of the ambiance, location and the food itself.



On average, I will give a 6/10. Sweet Kiwi was a very nice experience, great location, healthy food and very stylish. However, too many choices and a dodgy al fresco experience mar it a bit. I will definitely recommend it as an “A” grade weekend relaxation spot.

L.A is our resident critic! 

Unusual things that happen Around the World — March 22, 2018

Unusual things that happen Around the World

Unusual things that happen Around the World

We have heard crazy things that go on around the world that leave our mouths open. Call it culture shock. Some are crazy, some funny, and others just plain cynical. So welcome to our crazy world of unusual happenings.

  1. La Tomatina Festival


La Tomatina is a festival that holds in Eastern Spain on the last Wednesday of August, every year. The festival has been on since 1945 and it’s basically about people getting covered in tomatoes! But I guess that’s the fun of it.

The Tomatina festival started as a result of a fight that broke out around a vegetable market, people got arrested and since then, it has become a yearly repeat performance. The fight lasts an hour, after which the entire town square is Continue reading

Being the Newbie — July 10, 2015

Being the Newbie

Featured imageThis story should have come earlier to be honest, but my work is hectic fun and I have to attend lots of meetings. Oh yh… Did i mention that I just started working in this new company (Yay me!) and for the first time I felt like a newbie. I say first time because I’m a people person, like a chameleon; I blend way too easily like fruit juice. (I know I’m not funny.. lol!!!)

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Forever Young!!!♥♥ — July 2, 2015
First Post!!! — March 5, 2015