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Being the Newbie — July 10, 2015

Being the Newbie

Featured imageThis story should have come earlier to be honest, but my work is hectic fun and I have to attend lots of meetings. Oh yh… Did i mention that I just started working in this new company (Yay me!) and for the first time I felt like a newbie. I say first time because I’m a people person, like a chameleon; I blend way too easily like fruit juice. (I know I’m not funny.. lol!!!)

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Forever Young!!!♥♥ — July 2, 2015

Forever Young!!!♥♥

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So after I saw this picture from @crazecrown page, I thought it was hilarious. Like imagine it that way. It sounds like bliss but in actual fact, I remember how my mum always emphasized the fact that the grass is never greener on the other side. At the end of the day, if it were like that someone would come up with the idea of being born the way it is now. We Insatiable humans!

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First Post!!! — March 5, 2015